UNFINISHED BUSINESS FIGHT - Zebra Ssenyange Vs Banabana


The fight between two Ugandan boxers Zebra Mando Ssenyange and Haruna Banabana Ddiba is a contentious fight demanded by the fraternity in Uganda.

The two fighters have been involved in exchange of verbal insults at several occasions since their unfinished boxing bout two years ago. The bout didn’t go full distance of 12 roundsas it was stopped in the fourth round by boxing officials due to the fracas caused by the rival camps supporters following contentious refereeing.

The fight dubbed unfinished Business shall be promoted by Baltic Pro Box Promotions and is expected to be one of the most eagerly anticipated fights in Uganda.

Baltic Pro Box Promotions is assuring the public of an entertaining evening on the fight night (to be announced soon)

Not so many boxers world over match their words with action in the ring . But very few, including Floyd Mayweather Jr and Muhammadi Ali at his peak, have proved that it is possible to excel on both fronts- verbal and physical fights.

Haruna Banabana Ddiba and Isaac Zebra Ssenyange  take to the ring for the National  Super Middleweight title and East Africa Middleweight title fight under pressure to prove their words in the ring.

The fight is seen as a Floyd Mayweather  versus Manny Pacquiao setting by Uganda’s boxing fraternity , whereby Zebra Ssenyange represents Floyd Maywealther and Haruna Banabana represents Manny Pacquiao. May the best man win.


  • Posted On: 26/08/2016


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